Experience Designer

Bangkok, Thailand · Design Guild


As an Experience Designers at MAQE, you will spend the majority of your time working on complex digital products such as custom web applications and/or e-commerce platforms. You will:

To see how this role differs/compliments other design positions at MAQE, see Design at MAQE.


Regardless of the path you choose, you’ll need to:

Importantly, you also need to speak fluent Thai.

You also need to be good at what you do, obviously. But we don’t particularly care about age, gender, ethnicity, work experience, or education etc. Life has taught us that greatness comes in all shapes and sizes ;-)



Please use the application form below.

Successful candidates will be asked to (1) complete a small design task, (2) attend a team fit interview in which you’ll meet a cross-section of MAQERs, and (3) attend a third and final interview with management.

Note to foreign candidates: We’re happy to hire non-Thais. However, the Thai Board of Investment (BOI) has strict guidelines on who we can issue work-permits to. Before applying, please ensure you have the following:

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